Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Well, Glimmer, it lookeses likes you'ze been good dis year. Have you decided what you'ze wantmost for Christmas?


Ohh! I knows!!

I want a hippopotamus for Christmas.
Only a hippopotamus will do.

Oh noes...please don't tellz me she's going to singmost.

Don't want a doll.
No dinky tinker toy.
I want a hippopotamus to play with and enjoy.

I can see me now on Christmas morning
Creeping down the stairs...

Oh what joy and what surprise
When I open up my eyes
To see a hippo hero standing there!

Sparkle says a hippo will eat me up but then
My guardian says a hippo is a vegetarian.

*sigh* Smartmost thinkingz, Guardian.

I want a hippopotamus for Christmas.
Only a hippopotamus will do.
No crocodiles
Or rhinoceroses-es
I only like hippopatmuses-es
And hippopotamuses like me too!

...Well...now that you haz THAT out of your system-most...
Will you'ze settle forz a puppy?


Yeps! A puppy willz workmost too!

Have a faerie merry Christmas!
May (most) your holiday wishes come true!

Sparkle, Glimmer, and Bowser

Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Puppy

*strolling along*

*sniff sniff*

Hey....what's that on my tail!?

(Just a little post to let you guys know we're still here! Happy belated Thanksgiving to all. Thanksgiving happened to land on Pastel's birthday this year, so I have a lot of making up to do for her. Hopefully things will calm down soon and the dolls can go back to having their regular fun!)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Caught in a Web

What do you meanz there's somet'ings behind meez?

Don't worrymost. I gotz dis.

Gotta get 'em where it hurtzes!

Umm...okayz. NOW I needses some helpmost!

I HATESmost dem spiderses!

(No faeries were harmed in the photographing of these pictures...unless you count her pride.)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Letting Go

If you follow my other blog (or even if you've been around this blog for awhile), you'll know I make dolls and plush.

The newest cuddle of micro Pocket Fluffs were all ready to be placed up for adoption, and I invited Glimmer to join me while I photographed them.

She was more than happy to help.
In her short time here, she's shown quite a love for the little creatures that live with us.

Sparkle, on the other hand, could care less about the "little fluff balls."

"You needz to beez good little fluffs and behavemost today," she told them as she carefully fluffed their fur.

I was very impressed that she managed to calm them down and get them to stand nicely in a row for me.

As I took photos though, I began to notice a change in little Glimmer...

I couldn't stand to see her looking so sad and forlorn.
I asked her what was wrong.

"I love dem all so very muchly. Why must they goez away?"

I was a little surprised by her question at first. I suppose I've gotten used to Sparkle and her sharing all of her fae wisdom with me.
I had to remind myself that little Glimmer was much younger, and far more innocent.

I explained that I too loved all of the little fluffs and monsters that live in the Scribble house.
I always feel a little sad sending them away to their new homes.

But I also knew it wouldn't be fair to not share them with others.
Think of all the fun and adventures they will get to see in their new homes!
Think of how much their new owners will love and adore them!

With so many little fluffs here at once, we couldn't possibly give each of them enough attention.

All we can do is hug them and play with them as much as possible while they're still here with us.
That way, when they go to their new homes, they take a little piece of us with them.

Glimmer didn't say much to all this.
She quietly went back to playing with her three little friends.

I couldn't help but notice the sad, distant look she got when I told them it was time to come inside.
I was pretty sure I saw her quickly wipe away a few tears.

Perhaps when the newest cuddle of micro fluffs join us, I'll let her have first pick.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I know that fall officially started back in September, but it's only just now feeling like it here.

I've never really cared for fall.
It always felt like a sad time to me.
Plus, I'm not much of a fan of cold weather.

Of course, it probably didn't help that my previous jobs were always so terribly busy during the fall.
I never actually had a chance to enjoy it.


I mentioned my feelings about fall to Sparkle.
I was curious what sort of fae wisdom she would have about it.

"Fall not beez sadmost. It beez a time of change."

"If it waz sadmost, why would the trees getz all prettied up for it?"

I liked looking at it that way.
A few minutes passed, both of us silently enjoying the pretty weather.

"Plus, dese pumpkins taste goodmost."

I had to agree with her on that one.
I do enjoy all the pumpkin flavored goodies.

And come to think of it...there's a jar of pumpkin butter waiting in the fridge for us to enjoy.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Little Reminder...

Sometimes it's okay to just take the day off...

Sit back and relax.
Enjoy the little things.

The other stuff can wait.

And who knows?
Perhaps you'll find a little faerie to enjoy the day with.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Little Discovery

Sparkle and I continued our walk to the far side of the yard, where the large shade tree sits.

Sparkle gasped.
"Ohhh, dis beez a specialmost tree!"

Now, I had always liked this great big tree with its branches that filled the entire back corner of the yard, but I was curious to know what she found so special about it.

"Look, right dere. It haz a heart. Only specialmost trees have heartses."

I am ashamed to admit that I never once had noticed that heart. She was right, there must be something truly special about this tree.

Sparkle and I were happily admiring the tree's heart when we heard a sound (okay, she heard the sound first. I am the "slow guardian" here, after all).
It was a very small sound, but it was so very sad.

"It beez comings from de udder side of de tree."

I'm sure you can only imagine my surprise when I discovered the cause of the sound.

Huddled up against the Heart Tree, was a tiny little faerie.

The poor little thing was crying.

I didn't wish to frighten her, so I very slowly bent down and asked her what was wrong.

"I waz on me way to a newmost home....a specialmost home for meez to live, but I got losted. And nows I's all alone."

I thought perhaps we could help her, and was just asking her where her new home was, when Sparkle rolled her eyes at me and let out a huge sigh.
Apparently, I am exasperatingly slow.

"She waz coming to liveses with US."

I was pretty shocked by this news. Sparkle had told me before she was to be an "only fae." I asked her if she was ok with having another little faerie around the house.

"When a faerie beez called specialmost to a home, not even I'Z can stopses it. She just belongsmost with us."

That seemed good enough to me. Besides, who am I to argue with fae logic?

I asked our new little friend if she had a name.

"I beez Glimmer."

(Bonus Baby Shot:)