Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Hey guys!
Do you have any big plans tonight?
The Monster High girls are having a big Halloween party tonight and all the dolls around here are invited.

Do you like my costume?
A spider wasn't really my first choice, but it was better than the other option...

Hmph. I wanted to be a princess.

Oh, I think you make a...uh- lovely pumpkin princess, Bea.

Whatever. I'm going on to the party.

Poor Bea.
Anyway...I know I told you all about my Disney trip, but there was one thing I left out.
I was afraid you might think I was silly, but I don't know...

This is the Haunted Mansion.
It was a great ride...pretty spooky (especially if you ride it at night like we did!)
At the end of the ride, they tell you about hitch hiking ghosts...they even show them with you!
The Keeper said it was just a funny part of the ride, but I'm not so sure.

Ever since then I can't shake the feeling that I'm being followed.
It's creepy.

I don't know...maybe I'm going crazy.
Still...I'm getting out of here.

Hey, Bea? Wait for me!

Oh, and have fun and stay safe tonight, you guys!
See ya!



Sunday, October 21, 2012

Disney- Day 4

I was happy that day four of our trip would just be visiting Epcot.

I expected it to be a much more relaxing day.
What I didn't realize was just how much walking would be involved.
Especially when you walk all the way around the world...three times.

The "giant golf ball" was pretty cool.
They ride inside had been updated since The Keeper's last visit.
She thought it was much better than before.

We rode several rides towards the entrance of the park...including this one.
The seagulls over there would randomly start moving and saying "Mine, mine, mine!"
It was pretty cute.

And look...we managed to find Nemo!
I wonder how many times this little fish hears "It's Nemo!" in a day.

Now let me explain for a minute how this park is laid out.
Most of the rides are at the front of the actual park.
The back part of the park is the World Showcase. It's basically a bunch of countries in a HUGE circle around a pond. It's a very long walk...

Someone decided we would grab lunch at the World Showcase, and then finish riding the rides at the front of the park.
"We'll just eat in's one of the first countries you come to," they claimed.
Sounded like a good theory...until we got to Mexico and decided we didn't want to eat anything there.

So we went to China.
And that place was a little out of our price range for lunch.
We kept walking until we finally got to Japan.
At that point, it was pouring outside and we were pretty hungry.
We decided we were going to find something to eat in Japan.
Unfortunately, out of all the meals we had in Disney, this was the most disappointing. Ah well.
The Keeper and her husband think the quality of food has gone down in the World Showcase since they last visited. At least, the quality of food in the cheaper restaurants.
I guess they really want you to visit the super pricey places now.

Anyway, we had walked so far, we were pretty much at the halfway point.
See the golfball waaaay in the distance??

We made our way back to the front to finish our rides (we had a FastPass we didn't want to miss).

With the rides out of the way, it was back to another trip around the showcase...this time to actually look at the countries.
Norway was probably my very favorite...although that was probably because we had dessert in the awesome pastry shop there!

You'll have to forgive my lack of pictures from Epcot.
It was a very rainy day and most of pictures didn't quite turn out.
The evening was so wonderful though. The rain cleared out and it was nice and cool and breezy.
It was a perfect way to end our trip.

Our final day was just a travel day. We had to get up early and head for the airport.
Luckily, we had just enough time to grab some lunch before boarding the plane.

Nothing quite like a window seat!

We finally arrived home, completely exhausted.
We all immediately climbed in bed and slept for a few hours (until it was time to go pick up The Keeper's kids.)

Disney was quite an exciting adventure!
I feel so lucky I got to go...and I really hope to have many more big adventures to share with you guys.
(Probably not for awhile though...The Keeper said that trip drained them of all their spare money! Sigh, guess that means no new clothes for me for awhile.)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Disney- Day 3

I knew nothing would be able to top our visit to the Magic Kingdom, but I was still pretty excited about day three.

We decided to just spend a few hours at Animal Kingdom in the morning and then devote the rest of the day to Disney's Hollywood Studios. (The Keeper insisted that place was called MGM, but it clearly said Hollywood Studios everywhere. I think she's crazy.)


That tree in the background was SO cool. It has hundreds of animals carved into it.
I could've walked around it picking out animals all day!

Here's another view of the tree.
I was really missing our old nice camera with its super zoom. Ah well.

I'm so excited to share this picture with you.
I rode every single ride with The Keeper, but I had to stay safely tucked into her purse because she was afraid something might happen to me.
I insisted I get to ride at least one ride outside..and she finally agreed!
This might not have been the biggest "rollercoaster" for you humans, but it's pretty huge for me!

Here we go!!

After my fun ride, we decided on a whim to see this show- Finding Nemo: The Musical.
It just happened to be about to start when we passed the building.
I am SO glad we saw it. It was by far the best show we saw the whole trip.
It was just so neat...if you ever go to Animal Kingdom, don't miss this show (especially if you're a big puppet geek like The Keeper and I are.)

This was the main reason The Keeper and her husband wanted to visit Animal Kingdom.
They told me Expedition Everest was one of their very favorite rides.
After riding it, I completely agree.
It is such an amazing and unique ride...half rollercoaster, half dark ride. Very unusual and very cool!

After some lunch (and ice cream!), we were off to Disney's Hollywood Studios (or MGM as The Keeper insists.)

Now that is a BIG hat!

On our way to the animation studio!
The Keeper says it's just not quite the same as it once was...since all the real animation takes place in CA now, but it was still really fun to see.

And guess who we found...the big guy himself!
Funny enough, this was probably the longest line we had to wait in the entire trip.
The Keeper and her husband just had to have their picture taken with him...they have a little boy at home who was really anxious to hear about meeting the REAL Mickey Mouse. to observe him from the purse. There's something a little intimidating about these big characters to me.


I don't know about you guys, but I LOVE The Muppets.
(I mentioned earlier about being a big puppet nerd.)
The Muppets 3D might be an old show, but it's still great in all its silliness.
Very classic muppet humor. :)

Indiana Jones show!? Yes, please!
He may not have been Harrison Ford, but he was a worthy substitute.

The Hollywood Tower of Terror!
We definitely had to ride this one! Very spooky...and fun!

Another must ride was the Rockin' Roller Coaster. It's quite a, you get to listen to Aerosmith music the whole time!

Day three was quite a lot of fun...but it was SO exhausting having to split one day between two parks!
We managed to see everything we wanted to see at least. :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Disney- Day 2

After such a long day of traveling the day before, it wasn't easy getting up in the morning.

I was pretty excited about our destination though.
We were going to the place dreams come true:
The Magic Kingdom!

They had already decorated for Halloween, which was pretty neat!

It didn't take long before I finally saw it.
I've seen so many pictures of this castle, but nothing could prepare me for seeing it in real life.

I would've sat and stared at that castle all day, but The Keeper insisted we go find some rides.
We headed off to Tomorrowland.

I was a bit disappointed that our first ride was the People Mover. Lame.
The Keeper pointed out that it was one of the few rides I could actually stay out and enjoy though.
I suppose she was right. I had to spend most rides peeking out from the safety of her purse.
They don't make safety harnesses small enough for me (I have no idea consideration for tiny dolls like myself!)

At least the ride gave us a good view of Tomorrowland.

The next ride was a little more up to my speed:
Space Mountain!

We headed to Fantasyland next. I thought this sign was pretty cool.
Unfortunately, a lot of Fantasyland was under construction.
It seems we were just a bit too early for their big expansion of the place.

The Keeper insisted that I must ride on this ride...It's a Small World.
It didn't take me long to discover why she thought I would like it.

The place was filled with dolls!
It was pretty neat seeing so many in one place, but I couldn't help feeling sorry for them.
Can you imagine being stuck in one place, singing and dancing to the same song over and OVER?
I think I'd rather be a shelf sitter!

After some lunch and a nap in a nice, dark place (okay, okay...a visit to The Hall of Presidents. It seemed like a good nap place to me though. Don't tell The Keeper's husband, but I know I saw her doze off too!), we visited the other two mountains:
Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain!

I was very careful about peeking out during our Splash Mountain ride. I did not want to walk around in wet clothes the rest of the day.
The Keeper's method of staying dry looked even less appeared she tried to climb into her husband's arm pit during the big drop! Gross.

We even got to ride on that cool riverboat back there! It was pretty relaxing ride...and a nice break from those big mountain rides!

The Keeper and her husband were pretty anxious to ride this since it had been redone since they visited last. They said some of the improvements were cool, but the ride seemed a whole lot shorter than it once was.
I didn't mind.
Johnny Depp kept popping up randomly throughout the ride....I can't complain about that!

I only showed you guys some of the highlights of Magic Kingdom.
We actually rode just about every single ride and saw pretty much every single show.
It was amazing.
We even stayed late for the firework show.

Isn't the castle gorgeous at night!?
We sat on a bench for a long while after the park closed, waiting for the crowds to clear out a little, and just enjoyed this lovely view.
It was a pretty fantastic day.