Sunday, October 21, 2012

Disney- Day 4

I was happy that day four of our trip would just be visiting Epcot.

I expected it to be a much more relaxing day.
What I didn't realize was just how much walking would be involved.
Especially when you walk all the way around the world...three times.

The "giant golf ball" was pretty cool.
They ride inside had been updated since The Keeper's last visit.
She thought it was much better than before.

We rode several rides towards the entrance of the park...including this one.
The seagulls over there would randomly start moving and saying "Mine, mine, mine!"
It was pretty cute.

And look...we managed to find Nemo!
I wonder how many times this little fish hears "It's Nemo!" in a day.

Now let me explain for a minute how this park is laid out.
Most of the rides are at the front of the actual park.
The back part of the park is the World Showcase. It's basically a bunch of countries in a HUGE circle around a pond. It's a very long walk...

Someone decided we would grab lunch at the World Showcase, and then finish riding the rides at the front of the park.
"We'll just eat in's one of the first countries you come to," they claimed.
Sounded like a good theory...until we got to Mexico and decided we didn't want to eat anything there.

So we went to China.
And that place was a little out of our price range for lunch.
We kept walking until we finally got to Japan.
At that point, it was pouring outside and we were pretty hungry.
We decided we were going to find something to eat in Japan.
Unfortunately, out of all the meals we had in Disney, this was the most disappointing. Ah well.
The Keeper and her husband think the quality of food has gone down in the World Showcase since they last visited. At least, the quality of food in the cheaper restaurants.
I guess they really want you to visit the super pricey places now.

Anyway, we had walked so far, we were pretty much at the halfway point.
See the golfball waaaay in the distance??

We made our way back to the front to finish our rides (we had a FastPass we didn't want to miss).

With the rides out of the way, it was back to another trip around the showcase...this time to actually look at the countries.
Norway was probably my very favorite...although that was probably because we had dessert in the awesome pastry shop there!

You'll have to forgive my lack of pictures from Epcot.
It was a very rainy day and most of pictures didn't quite turn out.
The evening was so wonderful though. The rain cleared out and it was nice and cool and breezy.
It was a perfect way to end our trip.

Our final day was just a travel day. We had to get up early and head for the airport.
Luckily, we had just enough time to grab some lunch before boarding the plane.

Nothing quite like a window seat!

We finally arrived home, completely exhausted.
We all immediately climbed in bed and slept for a few hours (until it was time to go pick up The Keeper's kids.)

Disney was quite an exciting adventure!
I feel so lucky I got to go...and I really hope to have many more big adventures to share with you guys.
(Probably not for awhile though...The Keeper said that trip drained them of all their spare money! Sigh, guess that means no new clothes for me for awhile.)

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  1. WOW! Who needs new clothes after an awesome trip like that, though? So. COOL!!! WOW! I'd keep trying to type this comment, but all I seem to be able to say is WOW! Glad you had a great time, and I'm sure you'll have plenty more adventures. When you're little like we are, just hanging out in the front yard can be an adventure! :)