Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Disney- Day 2

After such a long day of traveling the day before, it wasn't easy getting up in the morning.

I was pretty excited about our destination though.
We were going to the place dreams come true:
The Magic Kingdom!

They had already decorated for Halloween, which was pretty neat!

It didn't take long before I finally saw it.
I've seen so many pictures of this castle, but nothing could prepare me for seeing it in real life.

I would've sat and stared at that castle all day, but The Keeper insisted we go find some rides.
We headed off to Tomorrowland.

I was a bit disappointed that our first ride was the People Mover. Lame.
The Keeper pointed out that it was one of the few rides I could actually stay out and enjoy though.
I suppose she was right. I had to spend most rides peeking out from the safety of her purse.
They don't make safety harnesses small enough for me (I have no idea why...no consideration for tiny dolls like myself!)

At least the ride gave us a good view of Tomorrowland.

The next ride was a little more up to my speed:
Space Mountain!

We headed to Fantasyland next. I thought this sign was pretty cool.
Unfortunately, a lot of Fantasyland was under construction.
It seems we were just a bit too early for their big expansion of the place.

The Keeper insisted that I must ride on this ride...It's a Small World.
It didn't take me long to discover why she thought I would like it.

The place was filled with dolls!
It was pretty neat seeing so many in one place, but I couldn't help feeling sorry for them.
Can you imagine being stuck in one place, singing and dancing to the same song over and OVER?
I think I'd rather be a shelf sitter!

After some lunch and a nap in a nice, dark place (okay, okay...a visit to The Hall of Presidents. It seemed like a good nap place to me though. Don't tell The Keeper's husband, but I know I saw her doze off too!), we visited the other two mountains:
Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain!

I was very careful about peeking out during our Splash Mountain ride. I did not want to walk around in wet clothes the rest of the day.
The Keeper's method of staying dry looked even less appealing...it appeared she tried to climb into her husband's arm pit during the big drop! Gross.

We even got to ride on that cool riverboat back there! It was pretty relaxing ride...and a nice break from those big mountain rides!

The Keeper and her husband were pretty anxious to ride this since it had been redone since they visited last. They said some of the improvements were cool, but the ride seemed a whole lot shorter than it once was.
I didn't mind.
Johnny Depp kept popping up randomly throughout the ride....I can't complain about that!

I only showed you guys some of the highlights of Magic Kingdom.
We actually rode just about every single ride and saw pretty much every single show.
It was amazing.
We even stayed late for the firework show.

Isn't the castle gorgeous at night!?
We sat on a bench for a long while after the park closed, waiting for the crowds to clear out a little, and just enjoyed this lovely view.
It was a pretty fantastic day.


  1. WOW!! It looks amazing! I've never been to Disney nothing (not even the Disney Store in the mall) so this is really, really cool to get to see. What an awesome trip, Pastel! Thanks for sharing your adventures! So jealous! And no wonder you were all wiped out when you got home!

    1. What's really crazy is...this was just day two. We still had two more days of parks and one more day of travel before we got home!
      I was so wiped out.
      Even now, it's been a whole month and I'm still just enjoying taking it easy and spending time with my friends.
      The Keeper says I'm beginning to get too lazy. ;)

  2. votre blog est génial !!!j aime suivre le voyage de cette jolie demoiselle !!!