Saturday, October 19, 2013

Caught in a Web

What do you meanz there's somet'ings behind meez?

Don't worrymost. I gotz dis.

Gotta get 'em where it hurtzes!

Umm...okayz. NOW I needses some helpmost!

I HATESmost dem spiderses!

(No faeries were harmed in the photographing of these pictures...unless you count her pride.)


  1. Loved This! YeP Sparkle looks like she Knew she had Spidey in the end - she's just kicked back wiping it off her Stompie Bootses :D Beautiful Sparkle - YoU GoTs Dis! LuV, TiGGs <3

  2. Okay, I know it's just me and I'm a whackadoodle, but as I was reading this, I had the following going through my head (to the tune of "Suspicious Minds")

    I'm caught in a web
    I can't get out
    Because I got this
    spider baby

    Why can't he see
    That the winner is me?
    When it's on his leg
    that I'm hanging...

    We can't go on together
    in this big ol' web
    Without out some help I might be
    I might be deah -eh - ed

    Yeah... maybe I need to go to bed.

    Glad Sparkle made it out safe, though. Spiders are nothing to trifle with.

  3. LOL, Loved that song - Perfect!