Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Little Discovery

Sparkle and I continued our walk to the far side of the yard, where the large shade tree sits.

Sparkle gasped.
"Ohhh, dis beez a specialmost tree!"

Now, I had always liked this great big tree with its branches that filled the entire back corner of the yard, but I was curious to know what she found so special about it.

"Look, right dere. It haz a heart. Only specialmost trees have heartses."

I am ashamed to admit that I never once had noticed that heart. She was right, there must be something truly special about this tree.

Sparkle and I were happily admiring the tree's heart when we heard a sound (okay, she heard the sound first. I am the "slow guardian" here, after all).
It was a very small sound, but it was so very sad.

"It beez comings from de udder side of de tree."

I'm sure you can only imagine my surprise when I discovered the cause of the sound.

Huddled up against the Heart Tree, was a tiny little faerie.

The poor little thing was crying.

I didn't wish to frighten her, so I very slowly bent down and asked her what was wrong.

"I waz on me way to a newmost home....a specialmost home for meez to live, but I got losted. And nows I's all alone."

I thought perhaps we could help her, and was just asking her where her new home was, when Sparkle rolled her eyes at me and let out a huge sigh.
Apparently, I am exasperatingly slow.

"She waz coming to liveses with US."

I was pretty shocked by this news. Sparkle had told me before she was to be an "only fae." I asked her if she was ok with having another little faerie around the house.

"When a faerie beez called specialmost to a home, not even I'Z can stopses it. She just belongsmost with us."

That seemed good enough to me. Besides, who am I to argue with fae logic?

I asked our new little friend if she had a name.

"I beez Glimmer."

(Bonus Baby Shot:)


  1. Oh my! What a lovely surprise! It seems like Sparkle and Glimmer will get along just fine... :)

    1. Oh yes!
      They've been getting along better than I would've thought actually. I think most of that is because all of Sparkle's clothes are too long for no clothes stealing!

  2. I Love this story, what a beautiful way to introduce Glimmer, and continue to discover the wisdom of Sparkle. Thank you for sharing such a Beautiful story - TrueMosT Home indeed :)