Saturday, September 28, 2013

The "Magicmost" Woods

Today was one of those rare days where the weather is just perfect.
Typically, it's either terribly hot and humid or bitter cold.

I wanted to take advantage of the day, and enjoy some time in my back yard.

Of course, Sparkle had to come along.
She was happily perched on my finger, listening as I told her about my favorite corner of the yard, which I had always called "The Woods."

I explained I knew this corner wasn't really anything in comparison to a real forest.
It was really just a handful of trees, but I had always felt so alive among them.
These trees gave me the same feeling I feel even when I'm deep in the "real" woods.

"Of course dis beez a real forest," she replied.
"And you'ze feel so alivemost beecuz it is a magicmost forest."
Magic? I knew my little fae must be teasing me.
I had spent many, many hours among these trees, and never once had I seen anything magical.
Magic forests were for places far away, across the oceans. Not somewhere as ordinary as my backyard.
I was curious (and probably a bit hopeful) though, so I asked her if any magical creatures lived here.
"Of course dey do. What wouldz a magicmost wood beez without magic folkses? Just look over heres...How can you t'ink dere not somet'ink magicmost living in dis tree?"
She did have a point.
"De signs beez everywheres. You'ze just haz to look."
I was quite excited now, and asked why they wouldn't come out and join us.

"Dey don't t'ink you'ze readymost yet."
I was pretty disappointed with this news, but at least it was promising. If I wasn't ready "yet," that at least meant I might be one day.
We continued on with our walk, Sparkle now pointing out all the evidence of magical creatures to me.
(To Be Continued...)

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  1. Wow, I so love how you and Sparkle took us right along into your journey, with Sparkle helping you discover even more about the magic all around you. Beautiful post - Sparkle, you bring the magic to us all :)