Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Puppy

*strolling along*

*sniff sniff*

Hey....what's that on my tail!?

(Just a little post to let you guys know we're still here! Happy belated Thanksgiving to all. Thanksgiving happened to land on Pastel's birthday this year, so I have a lot of making up to do for her. Hopefully things will calm down soon and the dolls can go back to having their regular fun!)


  1. Awww.... I've heard of the holidays sneaking up on people before, but not quite like they did on your puppy! So cute!

  2. That pup is so cute! Where is he from?? I love it! And hehehe, that's kind of how holiday's sneak up on you XD

    1. Sorry that I'm just now responding to this!!
      Isn't he the cutest? He was made by Daisydayes on Flickr! She makes the cutest little critters :)