Friday, April 26, 2013

Trip to Hot Springs - Day 2

Our second day of the trip, we visited Garvan Woodland Gardens.
We thought we were just going to spend one...maybe two hours there. We ended up spending three hours there, and we barely scratched the surface!
Next time we go, we're going to devote an entire day to this place. It was amazing!

(Sorry, you're going to get lots of scenic pictures in this post. This place was too gorgeous not to take photos non stop!)

This guy was gorgeous and he knew it. He was a bit of a show off...but I guess I can't really blame him.

Look! I found a tree my size!
I couldn't resist the temptation to climb a tree.

I enjoyed relaxing by the brook.
It was SO nice not to have to worry about anything for a few hours.

It was so peaceful.
The next bridge was my absolute favorite place. It was called the Half Moon Bridge...and it was gorgeous!

I found a perfect little spot just my size to relax for a little while.

There was this cute little train garden!
I wanted to ride the train and visit the little town, but there were signs everywhere that made it pretty clear I could do nothing of the sort. Oh well.

Before we left, we visited the Anthony Chapel.

Would you believe I was so taken by the beauty of this place, I forgot to have my picture taken!?
Oh well...maybe next time.

This is the bell tower outside of the chapel.
It was playing all sorts of pretty hymns as we approached.
It was a short weekend trip, but it was pretty amazing.
Now I'm ready to go on my next adventure!
(At least its starting to get warm we might actually start leaving the house again, lol.)


  1. Oh Wow Paisley - Even More AmaZing journey photos! I Love that little tree just perfectly your size, and you KNow TiGGy is a Huge fan of trains so that was pretty cool too. The brook was a lovely place to relax by, and boy you sure made those blossoms look even lovelier! Thank you for bringing us along on your amazing adventures! TiGGy sends LuV!

  2. Oh, I'll have to visit more places when I go next year! What lovely photos. Now I want some fudge from that fancy candy shop opposite the bath houses.

  3. Oh! This is just awesome!! I don't know how I missed it! (Ok, not true, I do... I switched over to feedly as an alternative for GFC and it's been a real pain in the arse, not loading my feeds -_- I guess they had some issues they've solved, but their policy was not to communicate directly with people complaining, so for a while I was jumping between feedly and bloglovin, oye!!!)

    Anyways, this is an awesome setting! I wonder if wild fluffs live there?