Saturday, April 20, 2013

Trip to Hot Springs! Day One

After months of being stuck inside with nothing but work to do, The Keeper finally took me on a trip!
Her husband surprised her with a trip to Hot Springs, AR to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary.
With it being their anniversary and all, I thought for sure they wouldn't let me go...but they were more than happy to bring me along.

We first visited Hot Springs Mountain Tower.

Yep! We went all the way to the top!
I didn't take any pictures of myself up there because it was SO windy!
But this was the view:

After we came down the tower, I did make sure to get a picture of myself on the mountain!

Next we visited the little aquarium. There wasn't much to it, but it was still fun.
I loved the lion fish.

This great big tortoise was my favorite though. She was so sweet...she even gave me a ride!

Next, we took a stroll down the main street. We did some shopping, and ate lunch.
There were lots of pretty places to stop and take photos as we walked.

We ended our first day at The Gangster Museum...and you'll never believe who I met there!

Yep, that's me and Al Capone!

Our second day was at Garvan Woodland Gardens, but that place was so gorgeous, I'm going to have to give it its own blog post! Be back soon with the rest. :)


  1. Ooooh these are such Wonderful PiX! Pastel had a Great Adventure and we all are lucky she shared it with us, Love that tortoise ride, and the Capone pics are Priceless!!! Go Pastel Go!!!

  2. Oh my! Oh my! We just missed you at Hot Springs! We were there earlier in April! Ooooh! I hope you have an utterly fab time! I love it there and Hubby takes me every year.