Saturday, April 6, 2013

Things are getting a bit hairy around here...

I have been SO busy lately.
This new job of mine is hard work, but it's pretty fun...

As you can see, I've had my hands full with these Pocket Fluffs!

These guys have just graduated from my training program and have all been properly groomed. Time to get them all adopted out to new homes!

These two are a special pair, off to a fellow doll friend of mine! I know she's going to have lots of fun with them!

I've also discovered that Pocket Fluffs don't just come in one size. This little guy was the runt.

I thought he needed some special attention since he's so little.

Luckily, things have quieted down now. All but two have been adopted into new homes.
The Keeper promised me I'd get a little break after this...and maybe even some time for a real adventure again!

Pssst...want a Pocket Fluff of your own?
Their adoption site is here!


  1. Christie: Oh, I do so love the pocket fluffs... I want one I want one I want one!

  2. Oh, those are some sweet photographs. Of course your Pocket Fluffs are house trained :) I should have known! She looks like she has her hands full, though.