Thursday, March 21, 2013

Monster Grooming

You know, I try to keep busy around here.
It's been tough during these cold months because none of us have wanted to get out of the house.

I think I've found my new calling though...

These new little monsters have started showing up around here.
The Keeper calls them Pocket Fluffs.

With all that fur, they shed A LOT.
I decided someone was going to have to start grooming them or we'd all be knee deep in monster fur.

Luckily, this little guy seemed to enjoy the attention.
It really was pretty fun.

I also found that Pocket Fluffs respond well to positive reinforcement.
Perhaps I'm the next Monster Whisperer?

This little fellow found a new home really quickly, but The Keeper promised me there would be many more. I hope she's right...I'm kind of wanting one to keep for myself!


  1. The pocket fluffs are really cute! I bet they appreciate having you around to help them look their best! :D

    1. Thanks, Randomfish! They do seem to appreciate it...and The Keeper is thrilled to have someone keep these little guys under control!

  2. Oh my! Pocket Fluffs are so lovely!

    It's Christie here, from over at Traveling Twig ;)

    I think you've done a wonderful job grooming this little fluff! I hope he'll be as well groomed in his new home!

    1. Why, thanks, Christie!
      So glad to see you here! I love visiting your new blog.

      Oh yes, I've received several updates about this little guy and he's VERY loved in his new home!