Monday, January 14, 2013


Last week was crazy!

I know it looks like I'm in an episode of Hoarders, but actually I am helping The Keeper move.
She had been trying to sell her house for a year, and last week it finally sold.

As you can see, there was tons to do...which is why even I was recruited.

Thank goodness we had tons of boxes! The Keeper and her husband have WAY too much stuff!

I decided to take a break in my favorite room in the house.
The Keeper had the hardest time saying goodbye to this room.
She got teary eyed every time she came in here.

This room was her son's nursery.
She and her husband spent many hours painting a mural in here for him. It turned out pretty awesome.

This is just one little glimpse of the room. The mural covered all four walls.
They always knew they'd have to say goodbye to it, but it was still pretty hard.

The Keeper keeps telling me selling the house is a positive thing, but I get the feeling she's just trying to convince herself every time she says it.
I mean, if it was so positive, why did she shed so many tears?

Anyway, I'm just glad she let me come along to lift her spirits.
I'm happy to report it's been a few days and she's feeling much better about it now.
She promises me that this is a sign that better things are coming.

I know one thing...I hope we don't have to move again for awhile. That was HARD work.


  1. I hope the move is going well! (And I'd have a hard time leaving that awesome mural behind too...)

    1. Thankfully the move is all over! I refuse to move again for another two years at least!
      As sad as leaving that mural behind was, Scribble and The Keeper are already planning another one in the art studio (well, once we move to a more permanent house with a larger studio). It's going to be great!


  2. The mural is gorgeous! Sorry you had to leave it behind. Memories and photos help when you have to move. I adore your dolls!
    And thank you Mandy for stopping by my blog!
    Enjoy your new home!
    Teresa in California