Thursday, August 2, 2012

Meet Bea

Greetings. I am here to clear up a horrible injustice.
You see, this blog is called "The Secret Realm of DOLLS," not "The Secret Realm of PASTEL."

I am in BEAutiful.

I'm pretty sure that's "as in BEAtrice."

Bea is the newest doll in the house and she's know...

The Keeper thinks she's just a little sad and lonely right now.
She did come to us second hand. She thinks Bea is just acting out for attention and maybe she's right.
She says I should try to be friends with her, but...

I have been considering your friend request, Pastel, and have decided to accept.
I am in need of someone to follow me around and tell me how beautiful I am.

Sometimes I think The Keeper asks too much of me.


  1. Oh yikes! Good luck with that, Pastel. Just... yikes.

  2. Oh dear...that might be challenging!

  3. Pastel, I have had some of the same problems here. New dolls don't seem to understand that they are my minions-I am not theirs. I try to educate them by having them read my friends blogs-but sometimes they still think they should be the star.