Sunday, July 29, 2012

Out to Lunch

I made The Keeper feel pretty bad she didn't take me out last week, so when she and her husband had some time to themselves this week, they invited me along.

They took me to one of their favorite hangouts for lunch!

The Keeper had chicken quesadillas and they looked pretty good...

But I opted for a burger. It was awesome!

It was really a nice outing. I think they need to include me more often, don't you?

What did you guys do this weekend?


  1. Hi Pastel, you are havin' a busy time lately - what with trips out and that great holiday to Disney. Can't wait to see your pics from there !
    Lovin' your new outfit too ^_^

    1. Hello there, Carolyn!
      I am trying my hardest to stay busy. I want to experience as much as I can!
      I can hardly wait to go to Disney. I can't stop dreaming about it.
      Thanks so much for your sweet compliment!