Thursday, August 23, 2012


Hey guys...sorry, I've been a bit quiet this past week.
The Keeper and Scribble have been obsessively working on a project.

They are being SO boring. I'm going crazy here.

Thankfully, The Keeper gave me her iPhone to watch Netflix on.
(Don't tell her, but I might have accidentally made a few purchases on it too.)

Anyway, I'm going to make her DO something soon before I go absolutely insane.

I hope you all are doing far more exciting things than I am right now.

P.S. The Keeper keeps thinking about repainting my face. I haven't decided if I'll let her...She seems to want to do this every six months or so. On one hand, the extra attention is nice. On the other hand, I'm pretty happy with the way I look...sure I'm not all professionally done, but I'm happy with myself. (Plus, I don't want her to make me look a mess for my big Disney trip!)


  1. Netflix is an awesome thing (as is accidentally purchasing things. What did you get? Do tell!) Bummer about being bored, though. Maybe you need a Jeep like mine so you can just go driving whenever you want (unless you have dogs like we do, which chase my Jeep if I drive inside. I recommend outside driving if that's the case).

    And I like your face just how it is, but that's just me. :)

    1. I just love Netflix!
      I didn't purchase anything too exciting...just some apps to improve my iphone pics. I like using the camera, but sometimes that little iphone is more handy!
      Oo, I like the idea of having my own car. I may have to look into this...
      Would you believe we have four dogs and one cat here?! I wouldn't stand a chance inside!

      Thanks! I think I'm going to keep her from messing with my face until after the Disney trip at least. ;)