Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Friend, Bliss

I'd like for you guys to meet my friend, Bliss.

Can you believe The Keeper and Scribble created her?
She's very friendly...and it's handy to have a friend so much larger than me!

Bliss is a bit nervous today.
The Keeper is taking her to be entered into the craft show at the fair.
She's a little afraid about being on display in front of so many people.

I think she's going to do just great though.

See you in a couple of weeks, Bliss!

You can see more pictures of Bliss on The Keeper's post about her here.

I hope you guys are having a great Labor Day weekend!


  1. Oh WOW, Bliss is AMAZING. Should Bliss ever end up with a sister who'd like to come live in the Wylde Kingdom, let us know. I'd sell a few pixies to bring a girl like Bliss home (don't tell them, though. Not ALL of them, just the pixies I don't like.) :)

    I think maybe Bliss was worth being bored for a little while, while Scribble and your Companion created her. Amazing. My Companion can only make messes, nothing as awesome as Bliss.

    Much luck to Bliss at the fair! She'll do great! Happy Labor Day, Pastel!

    1. Oh Miri,
      I'll be sure to pass your sweet comments on to The Keeper and Scribble. It'll mean so much to them!
      They're dreaming of opening their own etsy store, but The Keeper keeps putting it off. She's nervous about it for some reason. I think she's just silly and worries far too much.

      They actually just finished another new friend for me. She only gets to stay here for a little while before moving into a new home with The Keeper's friend. I'll have to take pictures with her before she leaves.


  2. Bliss is adorable! How lovely that the Keeper and Scribble can make someone like her. :D