Thursday, December 20, 2012

Finding the Perfect Tree

Hurry up, Bea! I want to pick out the perfect Christmas tree!

Hmph. I'm cold.

If you'd worn a jacket like I told you to, you wouldn't have that problem.

I choose this tree. It's by far the best one out here. I must have the best tree.

Um, Bea...? Don't you think this tree is a bit...well...

...big? We'd never be able to fit it into the house, let alone our room!

Whatever. You pick your own silly tree then.

This one looks more like our size!

Pastel, that thing is no more than a glorified twig.

Hmm. I suppose you're right.

Let's see if there's something else out here...

Will you hurry up!? I'm cold...and I'm tired...and I'm hungry. I want to go home!

Uggghh. That's it. I'm getting a fake tree.


  1. LOL Oh dear.... looks like finding a tree will be a challenge!

    1. Everything seems to be a challenge with Bea around! No worries though...I made The Keeper take me to the store so I could pick one out (and we left Bea at home!).


  2. Fake trees are better anyway, but I probably just think that because I have a cat (Meowzart) who would think a real tree was the best cat toy EVER. And yeah, Bea seems like kind of a pain in the neck. Glad you got to head out with the Keeper on your own and find a good one without Bea. Can't wait to see it!