Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Special Day

Hello there. I am Porridge.
I know we've never met before. I prefer to stay behind the scenes and let Pastel do all the blogging.
I decided to make an exception today though.

You see, today is a very special day.
One year ago today, a little box arrived in our mailbox.

At the time, The Keeper was seven months pregnant, working crazy long hours at her work, and preparing to move.
She was pretty sad and very stressed.

She decided she needed a new little friend to "add some color to her life."
And I'm sure you've guessed who that little friend is...Pastel!

Pastel has been a little down lately.
The Keeper and Scribble have been hard at work on their own projects, and I know she's feeling a bit rejected. I'm pretty sure she thinks we've all forgotten her birthday is today.

Little does she know we're about to have a surprise party for her.
I'm sure she'll be on here sharing all the details with you guys in a few days.

I wanted to pop on here though so you guys can have a chance to surprise her with some birthday wishes!

Anyway, off to finish cleaning up (The Keeper is SO messy in this room).

Oh, and nice meeting you all!


  1. Oh wow!!! Happy Birthday, Pastel!!! And thanks for letting us know, Porridge!! Nice to meet you too!

  2. Hi, Mandy
    Thank you for coming over to follow my blog.
    Nice meeting you!
    Love your sweet blog!
    Teresa in California